Urban Earth

Ozark, MO

This modern house, nestled in the woods of the Ozarks this house is both earthy and edgy. A unique blend of natural elements and modern design helped create a space that feels grounded yet daring. Natural materials such as wood, concrete and stone provide character and depth while asymmetrical lines give it a bold contemporary flare. Warm, natural tones including rich browns, greens and deep rust colors create a moody atmosphere that is balanced by the high ceilings and abundance of natural light from the stunning windows.

"Brad and the team took our dream plan and turned it into reality. The attention to detail and quality of work was undeniable. It feels like a vacation every time I come home!"

—Eric, Homeowner

Project Photos

Facts & Features

Single family residence
3.5 bathroom
4,111 sqft
4 bedroom
Built in 2023
$1.8 – $2.2 million

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"The Kansas City based architect the client hired for this project offered a new perspective and really inspires creativity. We love getting the chance to work with new partners."

– Brad, King Built

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